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Nick Barber NJIC Industrial Gas Engineer


Starting my career from school working for British Gas and qualifying as NJIC Gas Industrial Engineer, I was soon drawn to the art, beauty and spirit of flames.

In 1993 along with my wife and son I emigrated from Bristol, England to Vancouver BC Canada, securing my first job working as a gas certification engineer for Warnock Hersey (ETLc / ETLus), an interesting position which saw me placed on several committees including P.4 efficiency, CE listing (European testing for North American clients) and team leader for standard(s) certification reporting process.

To gain more experience in the production of industrial gas equipment I moved on to a position with Gas Master Ltd, starting as QC manager and within the year promoted to production manager at age 35, over seeing large contracts for companies such as Weyerhaeuser.

I had a passion to invent and after three years moved to become the R&D manager for Archgard Industries which gave me the final tools I required to start my own company, designing gas fired products for manufacturers including, Archgard Industries, Valor Fireplaces (Miles group), Osborn Industries, Blaze king Industries, Travis Industries and many others, whilst at the  time producing my own custom line which I still produce to this day 21 years later, along with my son James.  

In 2003 I received my first patent and have since been awarded four additional patents as well as patent pending on 6 other submittals (all of these patents are in use today).

I have also been fortunate to part of some great teams, going on to win the design award for the fireplace industry (4 x Vesta awards) for projects including my first solo project the LE & MW Slimline (now known as the Briganti), Archgard model 31 and the 'Da" Vinci with Travis Industries.

It has been so rewarding and a great deal of fun to be part of a very vibrant industry and can only thank the many people who have helped and guided me along the way.

“A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.”     Albert Einstein

Walter Wardrop P.Eng

Walter is a proponent of Alternate Energy, Cleantech and Energy Efficient housing and transportation since graduating with a B.Sc (Honours) in Engineering–Physics back in the 70’s.   In the early 80s he built a passive solar, earth-sheltered house in Nova Scotia while working for Michelin.  Walter is a P.Eng in Industrial Engineering.  In 2005 he built a super-insulated passive solar home in British Columbia, with solar thermal and PV systems.  The home also has smart EV charging. The home is currently Energuide 86.


Walter has been an ASQ Certified Quality Engineer since 1994, served as a an Industrial Technology Advisor with the National Research Council program IRAP for 18 years, visiting over 1500 companies. In 2016 Walter retired enabling him to Angel invest in local Cleantech companies.

Helping the planet, encouraging future inventors to provide solutions - that is the victory.

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